Travel Movie of the Week : The Way

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Walking the Camino de Santiago is high up on things I want to do in the near future.  After watching The Way, I was ready to book my flight right away.

The Way

The Way

Thomas Avery (Martin Sheen) finds himself going to France following the death of his adult son, John (Emilio Estevez) who had just began walking the Camino.  While initially only there to claim his son’s body, Tom decided to honor his son and complete the pilgrimage even though he previously disagreed with his son on the subject.  Tom meets others on the road who all have their own reasons for walking the Camino.  Joost is the fun-loving Dutchman from Amsterdam who is trying to lose weight for his brother’s wedding and so his wife will be attracted to him again.  Sarah is the jaded Canadian who fled an abusive husband and says she is trying to quit smoking on the Camino.  Jack is the arrogant Irish travel writer who has writer’s block, but is trying to find his voice on the Camino.  The four find themselves traveling most of the trail together going through some trials and triumphs along the way.

There are so many different reasons that people decide to walk the Camino.  They walk it to find themselves.  They walk it because they like a challenge.  They walk it just to say they did.  Here’s some photos from the Camino for your viewing pleasure:




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Have you seen The Way?  What did you think?

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