Travel Movie of the Week : Out of Africa

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For this week’s travel movie, I finally watched Out of Africa for the first time.  Africa is the place I look forward to visiting the most.  Out of Africa is based on the life and writings of Karen Blixen.  {WARNING: SPOILERS}

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep) marries her friend Baron Bror Blixen out of convenience-loneliness for her and financial for him.  They then plan to move from Denmark to Africa to begin a dairy farm.  However, once arriving in Africa, Bror uses her money to buy a coffee plantation in place of the dairy farm, but does not put any real effort into it.  To add insult to injury, Karen learns that she has contracted syphilis from her cheating husband and has to return to Denmark for the long treatment.

After returning from Denmark, Karen tells Bror to move out and slowly starts up a relationship with her friend Denys Finch Hatton (Robert Redford) whom she had met upon moving to Africa.  They have a wonderful love affair but she eventually realizes he will never settle down.  He loves her, but he lives a nomadic lifestyle that he is not able to give up.

As her relationship with Hatton ends and a fire breaks out that destroys the crops and the farm equipment, Karen is forced to return to Denmark.  Denys is set to return to fly her to Mombasa where she will begin her trip home, but he never shows after dying in a plane crash.  Karen returns to Denmark and writes about her time in Africa, but never returns.

There is much to love about this movie: the cinematography, the acting, the scenery, and the animals.  So many wonderful animals!  Most importantly, it is wonderful to see how close she was with the locals by the end of the movie (although, I’ve read that she was always close with them according to her books).

Have you ever seen Out of Africa? (Hope so, if you just read all those spoilers)  What was your opinion on the movie?

*If you so feel inspired to rent or buy Out of Africa from Amazon, feel free to do so through the link.  I will earn a small amount which will help me travel longer with no extra cost to you.  

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