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I thought I would choose a fun travel movie for this week so, I decided to go with Eurotrip.

This isn’t the most inspirational or influential travel movie, but it’s funny and sometimes that’s what you need.  I’ve watched this more times than I know and it never gets old.


Scotty lives in Ohio and has a German pen pal, Mieke, who he has always thought was a male.  After highschool graduation, being dumped by his girlfriend, and very publicly finding out that she has been cheating on him, Scotty writes an email to Mieke telling “him” of his problems.  Feeling sorry for him, Mieke suggests they meet.  Scotty tells Mieke to stay away from him, thinking it’s weird a guy wants to meet up with him.  After finding out that Mieke is actually a girl, he desperately tries to contact her with no luck and decides to head to Germany to find her.

Scott and his best friend Cooper head off to Europe and also run into sister and brother, Jenny and Jamie who are their friends from home, along the way and they end up joining them.  Their trip through Europe takes them to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Berlin and Rome with some hilarious, yet awkward and embarrassing situations along the way.

If you want to laugh while also being inspired to take your own Eurotrip, you should definitely check out this movie.  Sometimes, we don’t need the deep influential movies–we simply just need to have a little humor in our lives.

Have you ever seen Eurotrip?  Have any travel movie suggestions for me?


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  1. Peter Korchnak @ Where Is Your Toothbrush?

    February 15, 2014 at 8:34 PM

    I just watched this movie earlier this week. It has a few entertaining cameos (Matt Damon as Scotty’s replacement, Fred Armisen as the sleazy Italian), is deliciously low budget, and does elicit an occasional chuckle. At the same time, it piles terrible national stereotypes and cliches upon terrible national stereotypes and cliches just to get a few cheap laughs. Most scenes were shot in Prague rather than on location (you can see Charles Bridge in outdoor Amsterdam scenes, for example), there are so many continuity errors I stopped counting after about a dozen, and I found myself laughing at how bad it actually was. I’m glad to have seen it, don’t get me wrong, it’s kind of a must see for what it is. And it does have influence: it’s sure to have given the people who watched it a few completely wrong and stereotype-confirming ideas about Europe. Luckily, when they actually do visit Europe (or remember having visited it), they will realize it’s nothing like the movie.

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve been enjoying the British series “An Idiot Abroad,” highly recommend it.

    • Ashley Hubbard

      February 16, 2014 at 10:27 AM

      OH, I agree with your points for sure. It’s still humorous and entertaining though and if it gives people inspiration to travel, I’m all for it. But, yes the stereotypes were definitely exaggerated a bit much. I’m going to check out An Idiot Abroad!

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