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I’m fairly certain Netflix was heaven sent.  If you still need your entertainment fix, it’s an excellent choice when trying to save every penny possible to travel long term.  Luckily, I’ve found several travel movies I really enjoy as well.  This week’s travel inspiration is the film Return to Paradise.

Return To Paradise

Return To Paradise

Three friends experience an amazing summer in Malaysia full of women, drugs and drinking.  They all go their separate ways after that sumer.  Lewis McBride (Phoenix) stays in Southeast Asia with plans to go on to Borneo to work with Orangutans.  Unfortunately, after they split ways, the police come and search McBride’s camp and find enough hash to consider him a trafficker.  Two years later, a lawyer (Heche) hunts down the other two friends (Vaughn and Conrad) and let them know that McBride has only 8 days left to live.  They have the choice to return to Malaysia to claim responsiblity of their portion of the drugs.  If both return, they must serve 3 years a piece.  If one returns, he must serve 6 years.  If neither return, McBride dies.

While this movie may not make you want to hop on a flight to Malaysia, it will make you not want to partake in drugs while traveling.  Despite being an emotional and gut-wrenching movie, I still can’t help but like any movie that has to do with an exotic location.  This movie is very Brokedown Palace-esque.

*If you so feel inspired to rent or buy Return to Paradise from Amazon, feel free to do so through the link.  I will earn a small amount which will help me travel longer with no extra cost to you.


Have you ever watched Return to Paradise?  What were your thoughts on the movie?  Do you have any good travel movie suggestions for me?

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