Why I Took a 6 Month Blog Hiatus

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Yes, I took a SIX month long blog hiatus.  Here’s Why.
Yes, I took a SIX month long blog hiatus. Here's Why.

I feel like I’m starting my blog for the very first time again.  That’s how long it has been.  Yes, I took a SIX month long blog hiatus.  Here’s Why…

As it was for many, 2016 was a rough year.  I’ve dealt with some really difficult things in my life but usually not several at one time.  Well, 2016 made up for it.  It was quite the doozy and travel got practically halted one-hundred percent.  I didn’t really feel like I had anything to share with the world.  My anxiety and depression got the best of me and I just quit.  I didn’t really decide to quit.  I just did.  Thus is life.  So, what was so bad, you ask?

    • My grandpa passed away in May.  I had been caring for him quite a bit in his last year of life.  My grandma still works full time and he had dementia and needed someone to be with him full time so I would go in the morning, pick him up, take him to run errands, eat lunch and then come back and sit with him at home until the early afternoon.  It was definitely an interesting year but unfortunately, he started to go downhill pretty fast in the early months of 2016 and eventually lost his fight in early May.  We were never overly close in the sense of being super affectionate or having a ton of things in common but we shared a birthday (which I always felt made us have a special bond) and that last year really made me appreciate him all the more.
    • Kaleb began having seizures in March.  Only we didn’t know what they were at first as we had no experience and they didn’t present themselves the way I knew seizures.  It took many episodes, ER visits, doctor visits, tests, medicines and many, many months to narrow it down to seizures.  Even now, they are managed but not really.  It has taken quite the toll on the business, finances, and life, in general.   This, of course, put a major strain on our business.
    • Our dog, Maximus, tore his canine version of an ACL and had a quite pricey surgery at the end of the year.  Just one week before the surgery, I screwed up my lower back working.  This led to me literally crawling around the house by the end of the day which led to an ER visit which led to an MRI which led to finding out I have several bulging discs.  So, Maximus and I camped out in the bed for about a month together.  My back will sadly always be an issue now but I’m taking the steps to keep it in good shape as long as possible.  Chiropractic care, acupuncture, massages, healthy eating, yoga.  Everything to keep it from going to surgery.

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      • Somewhere in between all of this, my trusty laptop officially called it quits.  I have not been able to replace it yet but I do have a desktop.  Man, how much I realized how much I used a laptop though.
      • I won’t even go into all of our business woes.  Many times we’ve thought of shutting it down.  Many, many times.  We are stubborn though, it seems.

Now that all the horrible, depressing bullshit is out of the way – 2016 wasn’t ALL bad.

        • The day before my Grandpa passed away (THE day he was rushed to the hospital), I started my new Vegan lifestyle.  Most people would have just stopped and started a different day but I was determined and despite unexpectedly spending the entire day and night and into the morning as he passed away in the hospital, I stuck with it.  I haven’t looked back once either.  This change in lifestyle has changed me in so many ways and all for the better, in my opinion.  The direction of this blog will be changed drastically.  You will only see Veganism related posts when it comes to food and animal related activities.  You can expect to see posts on activism as well as it has become a large part of my life.
        • I’ve found my voice more and more this last year.  I don’t know if everything has just made me stronger but I’ve found my own voice and I’ve become more and more eager to use it.  I’ve become passionate about many things including Veganism, politics, activism and more.  Expect to see my brand here expand to cover more than just travel.  Expect to see more substance.
        • My passion for reading and writing has grown.  I’ve always been a big reader and have a dream of writing novels.  My thirst for that has grown even more this year.
      • I’ve started the journey towards minimalism and zero waste.  I also plan to blog more about these.  When I say journey, I mean it so don’t expect me to be perfect when it comes to these two things.  They are extremely drastic lifestyle changes.

I really hope I still have some readers out there after my long break and I really hope you’ll stick with me as my brand expands to cover more topics than just travel.  While travel will definitely be a big part of my who I am and this brand, I have more to share with the world than just that.



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  1. Ellie

    April 4, 2017 at 1:11 PM

    Darling girl, first of all I gotta say that my heart goes out to you for all the fucking horrible hardships you endured last year. I don’t know why 2016 was like, basically the shittiest year ever for everybody everywhere, but it just was and I guess we had to all go through some major growing pains. 2017 for me has felt bright and delicious from the start by contrast, and I suppose for that, the horrors of 2016 turned out to be a blessin–ok no fuck that part, 2016 was the worst, fuck that guy. XD

    OKAY next thing I wanna say… your sweet-natured and honest writing voice is refreshing. I think a lot of blogs I’ve stumbled upon have this holier-than-thou tone without meaning to, but I genuinely just felt like I was reading a friend’s email or something in this post, which was nice. Felt more human. Curious to see if that tone prevails in your other posts… which I’m about to go devour.


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