Campervan Tips for the First Timer

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Campervan Adventure Tips for the First Time Roadster

Did someone say road trip?

I believe that all of us are big fans of adventure deep within. If given the chance, most of us would take the opportunity to travel around in a campervan. Campervan traveling represents exactly what life should be; always exciting, finding your own unique way, getting an authentic and fulfilling experience wherever you are, traveling with – and meeting new people.

There’s no better or more satisfying feeling than preparing your items into a campervan and starting a long winding travel, bringing nothing but your favorite tunes, awesome travel buddies the welcome road for company – stopping wherever you want when you want.

Without a doubt, Australia and New Zealand are some of the most loved destinations in the world to travel using a campervan, with astounding and varied scenery, and limitless adventures to be discovered, your travel will surely be one that you won’t forget in your lifetime.


Australia Campervan adventure

Australia boasts some of the best coastal drives complete with wide, open roads that trump anywhere else in the world, which makes it a perfect place to travel and experience using a campervan. Visit vast red deserts in the Outback, glittering reefs and quaint beaches, and stop off in beautiful cities along the way. Relish in the Aussie lifestyle, crank up your music and drive into adventure!

New Zealand Campervan adventure

Looking for adventure in the beautiful NZ? With awe-inspiring scenery, infinite adrenaline actions, entertaining nightlife, and the rich Maori culture, New Zealand is another dream to travel destination via a campervan. Plus, it is one of the most flexible and affordable ways to travel the islands while getting you through the off beaten track and closer to mother nature.


Campervan quick saving considerations

  • You should get your ever-important motorhome insurance via a trusted third-party provider and shop around for the right deal that is both affordable and effective.
  • Maximize your point card. If you normally put all your expenses on cards, you’re bound to boost your points and even help pay for future adventures.
  • If at all possible, simply cook your food in the motorhome to lessen eating-out expenses. This can usually save you a lot of money motor home-cooked burgers and hotdogs – yum!
  • Plot your route in advance and figure out how long you’ll be driving. After filling up the gas tank, you’ll have a rough idea of your campervan’s gas mileage so that you can suitably budget the petrol for your trip. You can also reduce gas costs by not overloading your vehicle.
  • You get full savings benefit if you learn to do basic car troubleshooting. You won’t need to stop by a mechanic for a quick oil change. Watch how-to videos and invest in self-learning!

Now, did you know that you can hire a campervan for as low as $5 daily?

Nope, that’s not a typo!

One way rentals – the campervan traveler’s best friend!

Rental companies usually need to move and relocate campervans around the country due to seasonal changes or because demand for vehicles is greater in different places because of events like festivals and holidays. Rather than paying a hired driver, rental companies offer them as dirt cheap, extremely discounted, one-way campervan rentals. A win-win outcome for them and you! The discounts cannot be overstated, a $250+ per day vehicle can be as little as $5 per day with fuel allowances usually thrown in!

Want to get the best of both worlds? Now is the best time to book a one way rental here via DriveNow, which provides daily knock-off prices for one way rentals. DriveNow is one of the top campervan providers in Australia, offering hundreds of car deals for the best prices. Check them out.

Planning a trip with a motorhome or campervan may seem hard at first, but that’s only at the start. As you learn more and travel for the first time, you’ll realize how fun and easy it is. Best of luck!


Have you ever rented a campervan? Tell me about your experience in the comments ↓↓↓

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