Nashville Food Truck Friday : Electric Sliders @electricsldrs @FoodTrucksNash

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Nashville Food Truck Friday : Electric Sliders

As I started my blog in September 2013 and only became vegan in May 2016, there are several non-vegan posts pre-vegan era.  As an example of how someone can change their path in life drastically, I have made the decision to leave the posts up even though I am ashamed of them.  I hope you will take this example and think on it.  Also, see my animal activism page or travel page on ideas for ethical animal tourism and vegan food around the world.  My inbox is always open should you have questions about changing your lifestyle to better serve animals, our planet, and your own health.

Nashville Food Truck Friday

As many of y’all know, I’m a born and raised Nashvillian.  However, I went to school in Knoxville for a bit, then lived in South Carolina for a bit, then Washington state for three years and so on.  So, when I came back to Nashville as someone who really appreciates where they grew up, I was pleasantly surprised to find out we have a food truck scene!

Given my love of Nashville and food, I made it my personal mission to test out all the trucks involved in the Nashville Food Truck Association – it’s a hard job but someone has to do it.

The first truck we visited comes with the perfect Nashville name too – Electric Sliders.


Visiting Electric Sliders this night was something Kaleb and I had been looking forward to all day – he had a scheduled move that day (he owns a moving company) and we were going to head over there when he got home.  Well, it ended up that his employee (former) decided to no call no show which left me volunteering to help.  Little did I know, I would be moving some of the hardest things I’ve ever had to move in my life.

Despite a horrible day, we were able to get done in time, rush home and get ready in order to still enjoy our evening.  We made the trek from south of Nashville all the way to the other side and braved the cold; determined to redeem our day and put the negativity behind us.

And, it most definitely worked!  I said earlier that they had a perfect name for a Nashville food truck, but it wouldn’t matter what they were called though because I’m making a claim right now and you can quote me on it

these are best damn mini burgers I’ve ever tasted.

I think I generally just love sliders because anything that comes in a mini size is just more fun.  Amiright?  However, I’ve never had any sliders that taste like these did.  Sliders that had me eating every last bite even though they included ingredients I would typically swear off : pickled onions and cole slaw.

If someone can create something with pickled onions or cole slaw, have me try it and I continue eating it and praising it, then you’ve done something amazing.  And, that’s just what Electric Sliders did.

When we first got there, we introduced ourselves and took a look at the menu.  With seven items, each one sounding more delicious than the first, we found ourselves constantly changing our minds on which to try.  So, what do you think we did?  We tried all of them but one (the All-American, but that’s okay as it had more standard ingredients).

Kaleb’s choices :

Piggy Stardust : pulled pork, pimento cheese, fried pickled onions, bourbon bbq sauce

Disco Demi : all beef patty, white cheddar, pickled onions, arugula, white truffle vinaigrette, mushroom demi glace

My choices :

Bus Stop : all beef patty, swiss cheese, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, homemade steak sauce

Funky Chicken : pulled marinated chicken, spicy orange maple glaze, crunchy slaw

Last minute choice even though we were full :

Psychedelia : grilled marinated portobello, goat cheese, fig jam

Everything that we ate was absolutely delicious at Electric Sliders.  The only one I didn’t get to try was the Piggy Stardust (because Kaleb gobbled it up way too quick) but he assures me it was amazing.

The Bus Stop is one of the more popular items on the menu and as soon as I bit into it, I could immediately tell why.  They took some fairly normal ingredients and cooked them to perfection.  On top of that, the chef, Zac Jenkins, makes everything from scratch including the steak sauce.

What I was most surprised by is that my two favorites were the Funky Chicken and the Disco Demi.  I do not like slaw (which the Funky Chicken has) and I do not like pickled anything (which the Disco Demi has) but as Zac explained, chefs put certain ingredients together for a reason and without just one of those ingredients, the food would be completely different.  I bit into each of these expecting it to not be my cup of tea but I was way, way wrong.  The orange glaze (it has Siracha in it) on the Funky Chicken is to die for!

The Psychedelia was also beyond amazing – the perfect option for a vegetarian or anyone who just loves portobello mushrooms (that’s us!)  Who would have thought mushrooms, fig jam and goat cheese would be so good?  It just melts in your mouth!

The Breakdown

Cost: $10 for 2 sliders, chips & drink
Ordered: 1 each of the following : Bus Stop, Funky Chicken, Psychedelia, Disco Demi, Piggy Stardust
Ashley’s Favorite thing(s): Disco Demi, Funky Chicken, Bus Stop
Kaleb’s Favorite thing(s) : Bus Stop, Piggy Stardust
Type of food: Sliders (Beef, Chicken, Pork, and Vegeterian)

Make sure to check out Electric Sliders on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to find their schedule and locations.

*This post was made possible through my partnership with the Nashville Food Truck Association and Electric Sliders.  All opinions, as always, are entirely my own.

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