Obtaining Travel Insurance After Starting Trip

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Obtaining Travel Insurance After Starting Trip

Travel insurance can provide tremendous peace of mind on a global adventure, providing securities such as guarantees on travel and accommodations as well as personal possession insurance and health coverage. The right travel insurance policy is an invaluable resource that shields tourists from the uncertainty of travel…as long as you buy if before you leave, that is.

Yes, the majority of travel insurance providers will require that you purchase your travel policy before you leave your country of permanent residence. It is best to be honest about it as well, as attempting to apply for a policy from a foreign country under the false pretence of being safe at home will surely result in an invalidated policy.

Regardless, staying away from home for an extended period without adequate medical coverage is a huge gamble, particularly since very few domestic medical policies cover incidents outside the policyholder’s homeland. Not only do standards of medical treatment vary vastly from country to country, you could be responsible for an immense medical bill from a foreign hospital for even a minor issue, or worse, be unable to pay and turned away from treatment.

Fortunately, there are some insurance providers that are specifically dedicated to the needs of frequent travelers, specifically those whose adventures are so frequent as to limit their time in their “home” country, you can read more about this here.

These providers allow enrollment from virtually anywhere in the world, and although these policies are typically available at a substantial premium, the safety net they provide can prove invaluable on an indefinite tour of the world. These policies provide all the protections of a conventional insurance policy without the inconvenience of having to return home simply to obtain insurance coverage.

The Right Policy

Once you’ve left home, travel insurance can get a lot more expensive, but knowing what you need can help you minimize the cost. A good policy for overseas use should include at least $500,000 in medical coverage, as even basic treatment methods may be rare and expensive depending on the area you are visiting. It should also include ambulance cover and medical evacuation coverage in case you encounter a medical issue far from standardized medical treatment.

If your entire life is in your luggage, you may want to consider a substantial level of personal belongings protection to ensure you don’t end up halfway around the world with none of the things you brought with you. Accommodations protection is a more optional feature of a foreign insurance policy, but can be useful for trips with multiple forms of transportation or extremely robust itineraries.

For obvious reasons, most insurance companies would prefer you apply for travel insurance while you are in the safe, predictable confines of your own country. Nevertheless, if you find yourself far from home and in need of coverage, there are some options available for you.

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