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I’ve decided to expand on a new category topic.  Every week, I will be writing a review on either a travel movie or book that I’ve read or watched that has given me some inspiration.



Outsourced is a movie I had never heard of and I’m fairly certain most people haven’t either.  It’s definitely a must for any travel lover.  It’s got it all-everything from an unexpected love story, adapting to a new culture, and gaining insight from locals.

The movie opens with Todd Anderson (Josh Hamilton) getting the news that his job has been outsourced to India.  While he’s not only losing his job, he also gets told he must travel to India to train his replacement.  He very strongly states how much he does not want to go, but eventually does anyway.

While Todd at first comes off as your typical uncultured tourist and tells the call center operators to “act more American,” he slowly starts to accept the ways of his new-found coworkers and friends.  Through hilarious occurrences, a love affair with an engaged (pre-arranged) Asha (Ayesha Dharker), and countless lessons in Indian culture, Todd finds his way and realizes what in life is important to him.

If you aren’t eager to travel to India, or anywhere for that matter, after watching this movie then there probably is no hope for you.

*If you so feel inspired to rent or buy Outsourced from Amazon, feel free to do so through the link.  I will earn a small amount which will help me travel longer with no extra cost to you.

Have you seen Outsourced?  What did you think?  Have any good travel movie suggestions for me?  

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  1. Constance

    November 17, 2013 at 9:08 PM

    I didn’t see the movie but I have seen the sitcom, Outsourced. It aired here in Taiwan last year (so it may have aired in the States a few years ago) and it seems to have the same characters. Loved it!! I learned so much about the culture and traditions of India by watching it and it was totally hilarious!
    Constance recently posted…Are We There Yet? – 忘憂森林 (Forget Your Worries Forest) Nantou, TaiwanMy Profile

    • Ashley Hubbard

      November 18, 2013 at 10:58 AM

      I didn’t know about the sitcom either until I heard about the movie. It was on a few years ago and was cancelled I think after a couple seasons, but heard it was still pretty funny. May have to see if it’s on Netflix. I definitely wanted to head to India after the movie 🙂

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