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I finally watched a movie this weekend that I’ve heard great things about and have really been wanting to watch: Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  It definitely did not disappoint.  This is a Woody Allen film and if you don’t enjoy his work, it probably isn’t the type of movie for you.


The film is about two American women who spend their summer in Barcelona.  While best friends and alike in many ways, they have completely different viewpoints on love.  Vicky is grounded, practical, and knows exactly what she wants-to get married to her nice, safe fiance.  Cristina on the other hand is impractical and only knows what she doesn’t want and refuses to settle.  At the beginning of their stay, they meet a painter who is attracted to both of them but also still very much in love with his ex wife.

I really love a movie where I can relate to a character though and I felt like I related to Cristina on several different levels.  She makes the comment at one point that she can truly appreciate art, but just has to come to terms with the fact she isn’t talented.  I feel like this all the time.  I can’t paint, or sing, or dance, or play an instrument at all.  I desperately want to, but it’s just not in my cards.  I also love her outlook on love.  While she can’t pinpoint what she does want, she knows what she doesn’t want.

While the film is very much a complex love story, it definitely leaves you wanting to jump on a plane to Spain.  There are tons of references to Gaudi architecture, shots of famous landmarks, and beautiful scenery.

Have you ever watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona?  Can you relate to any of the characters?  Did it leave you wanting to visit Barcelona?



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  1. Tom Coppinger

    January 18, 2014 at 10:21 AM

    Never saw it, but it’s on my list, and I’m a huge Woody fan. Why doesn’t NetFlix have a Woody Allen channel?

    Yes, we had a family 3 day weekend in Barcelona. The Gaudi architecture is indeed something else, the whole Gaudi park is amazing. Sagrada Familia also a must-see, though they have decades to go before finishing the interior. The beach is okay, but much better beaches in Spain. Our two boys, at the time, were a bit bored with Barcelona itself, but loved Portaventura Theme Park to the south. Encountered some anti-tourism graffiti. We were there for All Souls Day, and they had a big celebration in front of the cathedral, a dragon fighting an eagle with fireworks. It seems very popular with the Irish who go out in boy or girl groups, who indulge in the nightclub scene, but possibly not top of the list for a family holiday. The main drag, Las Ramblas, is always a lively marketplace, but many stories about pickpockets.

    • Ashley Hubbard

      January 18, 2014 at 1:21 PM

      Definitely watch it! I was in Barcelona but only 2 days. We checked out Sagrada Familia which is amazing and Las Ramblas which is pretty fascinating.

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