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M is for Motivation [to Travel] #AtoZChallenge

motivation to travel

M is for...Motivation to Travel The letter M brings us to the halfway point in this lovely [read - frustrating] A to Z Challenge.  The farther into the challenge I get, the more insane I think I am for doing this.  I had planned many of my letters out in advance to starting this - […] Read More Here...


L is for Languages #AtoZChallenge


L is for...Languages  I've always loved the idea of learning new languages, but never really put forth the effort.  I took three years of Spanish in highschool and then another year in college.  You'd expect that I'd be fluent but when all you do is take the class and never practice it in everyday life, […] Read More Here...


Harry Potter Studio Tour #SundayTraveler

harry potter studio tour, england,

I've been beyond ecstatic since it was released that J.K. Rowling was going to be making her debut screenplay writing career.  A new movie series will be based off her Hogwarts textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the textbook's author Newt Scamander.  Rowling has made it quite clear that this is neither a […] Read More Here...


K is for Kazakhstan #AtoZChallenge

K is for Kazakhstan #AtoZChallenge thumbnail

K is for...Kazakhstan For the A to Z Challenge, I was really trying to stay away from focusing on countries for my letter choices, but I had the worst time thinking of something for K.  I even went as far as to ask random people at restaurants to give me the first K word that […] Read More Here...


J is for Jack Daniel Distillery #AtoZChallenge

jack daniel distillery, lynchburg, tennessee, whiskey

J is for...Jack Daniel Distillery The distillery is located in Lynchburg, Tennessee in Moore County - the smallest Tennessee county and also a dry county since Prohibition.  Lynchburg is located in Middle Tennessee about an hour and a half southeast of Nashville. Get a firsthand look at the distillery and get a guided tour to […] Read More Here...

intrepid travel, fearless travel

I is for...Intrepid - The Kind of Traveler I Aspire to Be in·trep·id adjective fearless; adventurous (often used for rhetorical or humorous effect). "our intrepid reporter" I don't mean be an idiot.  Always be aware of your surroundings and any dangerous activity that may be going on where you are at.  There's a difference in […] Read More Here...


Meet the Gypsies: Brittany of Paws for Beer

Meet the Gypsies: Brittany of Paws for Beer thumbnail

My dog Boomer and I are road trip travelers collecting stories from the road while on a quest for great beer. We are natives of North Idaho and I focus our travels on outdoor actives because we love nature. I am always up for a brewery tour and I'll give everyone's brew a try whether it be from […] Read More Here...


H is for Hiking Trails #AtoZChallenge

best hiking trails

H is for Hiking Trails For the letter H, I decided to focus on hiking trails [both longer and shorter] that I dream of being able to complete one day.  These are just some of the few that are on my list.  Looks like I'll be doing a hell of a lot of walking my […] Read More Here...

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